Nigeria Air raised $250m for October operations, says CEO Mesfin Tasew.

Mesfin Tasew, the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines expressed his excitement about the partnership between Ethiopian Airlines and the Nigerian government, stating that it would bring immense benefits to both countries. He emphasized that Nigerian Air would not only boost the aviation industry in Nigeria but also contribute to the economic growth of the entire region.

Ethiopia Airlines CEO Mesfin Tasew

Ethiopia Airlines CEO Mesfin Tasew

With plans to operate both domestic and international routes, Nigerian Air aims to provide affordable and reliable air travel options for Nigerians and attract foreign tourists to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The airline plans to initially focus on connecting major Nigerian cities, such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, before expanding its network to include popular international destinations.


Tasew also highlighted the importance of investing in modern aircraft and advanced technology to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Ethiopian Airlines, known for its exceptional service and operational excellence, will provide technical and operational support to Nigerian Air, enabling it to establish a strong foundation in the competitive aviation market.


The Nigerian government, recognizing the potential of the aviation industry to drive economic growth and create job opportunities, has been actively working towards the establishment of a national carrier. The partnership with Ethiopian Airlines, a renowned and successful African carrier, is seen as a significant step towards achieving this goal.

Nigeria Air

As the October deadline approaches, both Ethiopian Airlines and the Nigerian government are working tirelessly to finalize the necessary regulatory approvals, secure funding, and recruit a skilled workforce for Nigerian Air. The airline is expected to create thousands of direct and indirect jobs, further contributing to the development of Nigeria’s economy.


Overall, the launch of Nigerian Air is highly anticipated, not only by aviation enthusiasts but also by the Nigerian population eager for improved air travel options. With the support of Ethiopian Airlines and the commitment of the Nigerian government, Nigerian Air is poised to become a symbol of national pride and a catalyst for economic progress in the country.


The successful fundraising effort by Fairfax Africa Fund LLC marks a significant milestone for the ambitious Nigeria Air project. With $250 million in equity financing secured, the proposed national carrier is poised to revolutionize the Nigerian aviation industry. 


The strategic partnership with Ethiopian Air, renowned for its operational excellence and extensive network, further strengthens Nigeria Air’s prospects. As Africa’s largest airline, Ethiopian Air brings invaluable expertise and a wealth of experience to the table. Their support not only bolsters the credibility of Nigeria Air but also opens up a world of opportunities for collaboration and growth within the African aviation sector.


The infusion of funds will be instrumental in kickstarting the development of Nigeria Air’s infrastructure, fleet expansion, and operational capabilities. With a focus on modernization and efficiency, the national carrier aims to provide world-class services, connecting Nigeria to key domestic and international destinations.


The establishment of Nigeria Air is expected to have far-reaching economic benefits for the country. It will create job opportunities, stimulate tourism, and enhance trade relations, positioning Nigeria as a regional aviation hub. The project aligns with the government’s vision of diversifying the economy and attracting foreign investment, as it showcases Nigeria’s commitment to fostering a thriving aviation industry.


However, challenges lie ahead for Nigeria Air. The aviation sector is highly competitive, and the national carrier will need to navigate regulatory hurdles, address infrastructure deficiencies, and ensure operational excellence to succeed. The management team, in collaboration with Ethiopian Air, will need to devise a robust business strategy that prioritizes customer satisfaction, safety, and profitability.


Despite the obstacles, the successful fundraising effort and the partnership with Ethiopian Air instill confidence in the future of Nigeria Air. The project represents a significant step towards realizing Nigeria’s aviation potential and contributing to the continent’s economic growth. As the journey unfolds, all eyes will be on Nigeria Air, eagerly anticipating its official launch and the positive impact it will have on the nation and the African aviation landscape.